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Implement an eviction

You can apply for our help with eviction (enforcement). If so, there must be a decision (verdict) or a judgment saying someone is to be evicted.

Do you not have a decision (verdict)? If so, you can apply for ordinary assistance.

You want to evict the tenant or tenant-owner

In the same application that, you can fill in, for example, that you want our help in

  1. getting someone evicted
  2. collecting a determined debt.

If so, two cases will be registered with us.

Please note

The e-service is in Swedish, the form is in English.

Who can apply via the e-service?

You who are a private individual or a sole trader, can apply via the e-service.

If you are the CEO or a representative with sole right to sign, you can create, sign and submit an application for enforcement.

Representatives who do not have the right to sign for a company name alone can create and edit an application that has not been submitted, if there is someone else at the company who has the sole right to sign.

The e-service is not available to representatives in companies where no one has the sole right to sign.

Implement an eviction: Apply for enforcement

You can apply through our e-service (in Swedish) or by using a form (in English). Carefully fill in all the details so that you do not need to add anything.

Fill in details

For example, you must fill in details on

  • you as applicant
  • representative, if any
  • the one you have a claim against
  • your claim (eviction)
  • the decision (verdict) or the judgment on which the application is based
  • other things that may be of value
  • documents you want to attach.

Attach documents

  • decision (verdict) or the judgment with a legal validity certificate
  • other documents you want to attach, such as a tenancy agreement.

Update your information

If you have changed contact details, remember to update them.

Cost of applying

You can find information about fees and costs on our website.

Fees and costs

Remember that you can always use our e-service.

If you use the form, you need to send your application to the correct office.

Find the correct office by filling in the postal code of the person to be evicted (the tenant). Click Search.

Submit application for enforcement (in Swedish)

Before the eviction

We start by informing the tenant of the date and time they are to be evicted. The tenant is also given the opportunity to respond.

The eviction can take place within four weeks of our receipt of the documents. You will receive a copy of the notification and we will also send a copy to the municipal social welfare board.

If the tenant moves voluntarily and returns the keys before the day of the eviction, it is important that you immediately withdraw your application.

During the eviction

In the decision (usually a verdict), it says from which spaces the eviction is to be carried out. If you have shown that there are ancillary rooms, such as a storage unit, this is also covered by the decision. It must be clearly stated that the ancillary rooms are connected to the dwelling, for example in the lease. If unclear, the ancillary room is not covered by the eviction.

We assess whether there is property that we can attach to cover costs and other debts.

What we cannot attach is usually stored for three months. After that, we sell or dispose of the property if the tenant does not collect their things. We do not take care of things we consider to be garbage. You throw those out yourself.

Cost and who pays?

The tenant must primarily pay costs for, for example, the packing, transport, and storage of the property. If the tenant cannot pay, you must pay, except for the storage. You may need to pay an advance before the eviction. You may also have to pay if you want a special lock in the door.

What does deferment mean?

You can give the tenant one or more deferments. That means we postpone the eviction, but not for ever. Normally, your application lapses after six months, counting from the date of application.

Apply for us to implement (enforce) eviction

You can apply for us to enforce an eviction pursuant to a decision (verdict). Then we can implement the eviction immediately.

You can also apply for us to enforce an eviction pursuant to a judgment. Then we can usually implement the eviction only when the judgment has become legally binding (when it can no longer be appealed), unless the court decides otherwise.

A judgment as grounds — send legal validity certificate

You must send a legal validity certificate if you apply for our assistance with eviction pursuant to a court judgment. The certificate shows that the judgment can no longer be appealed.

What to do

  1. Contact the court that issued the judgment and request a legal validity certificate.
  2. Please send us the certificate as an attachment together with the application for enforcement.