Get someone to do something

You can apply for our help in getting back or removing property. The same applies if a person or company has done something unlawful with your property or prevents you from using it.

You need a decision (verdict) or a judgment to apply for us to implement (enforce) the decision.

Do you not have a decision (verdict)? If so, you can apply for ordinary or special assistance.

Determining claims for someone to do something

In the same application that, you can fill in, for example, that you want our help in

  • getting someone to do something
  • collecting a determined debt.

If so, two cases will be registered with us. Yo

Please note

The e-service is in Swedish, the form is in English.

Who can apply via the e-service?

You who are a private individual or a sole trader, can apply via the e-service.

If you are the CEO or a representative with sole right to sign, you can create, sign and submit an application for enforcement.

Representatives who do not have the right to sign for a company name alone can create and edit an application that has not been submitted, if there is someone else at the company who has the sole right to sign.

The e-service is not available to representatives in companies where no one has the sole right to sign.

Get someone to do something: Application enforcement

You apply via e-service (in Swedish) or by using a form (in English). Carefully fill in all the details so that you do not need to add anything to your application.

Fill in details

For example, you must fill in details on

  • you as applicant
  • representative, if any
  • the one you have a claim against.

Other details to fill in

Also fill in details on

  • what your application is about
  • your claim
  • the decision (verdict) or the judgment on which the application is based
  • documents you want to attach
  • other things that may be of value.

Attach documents

  • decision (verdict) or the judgment with a legal validity certificate
  • other documents you wish to attach.

Joint (joint and several) liability

Are several people jointly (jointly and severally) responsible for the claim you are making? If so, you must submit one application per person. It is important that you send all applications to the same office, even if one person belongs to another office. Only enclose one copy of the judgment or decision (verdict).

Cost of applying

You can find information about fees and costs on our website.

Fees and costs

Apply for us to implement (enforce) decision

You can apply for us to enforce a decision (verdict) for someone to do something, such as return property. Then we can implement the measure immediately.

You can also apply for us to enforce a judgment that someone must do something. Then we can usually implement the measure only when the judgment has become legally binding (when it can no longer be appealed), unless the court decides otherwise.

Legal validity certificate

You must submit a legal validity certificate if you apply for our assistance in enforcing a court judgment.

The certificate shows that the judgment can no longer be appealed.

What to do
  1. Contact the court that issued the judgment and request a legal validity certificate.
  2. Please send us the certificate as an attachment together with the application for enforcement.

Remember that you can always use our e-service.

If you use the form, you need to send your application to the correct office.

The postal code determines to which office you send the application. Find the correct office by filling in the postal code of the person who must do something (the debtor). Click Search.

Submit application for enforcement (in Swedish)

Usually we contact the person who must do something (the debtor) and give them a certain amount of time to do what is stated in the decision or judgment. If they do not, we will implement the decision.

If we cannot enforce

Your claim remains with us until

  • you get back property or property is removed
  • someone stops doing something unlawful
  • you report that you are withdrawing your case.

Update your information

It is important that you keep your contact details up to date.