Pay damages

If you have been ordered to pay damages in a criminal case, you are obligated to do so immediately, even if the judgment is appealed.

Find out what to do

You will not receive a bill or inpayment form. You must figure out how and to whom you must pay yourself. If you don't pay, you risk the debt being turned over to us.

Pay directly to the victim

Have you paid directly to the victim, and still received a claim from us? In that case, you must write us and include evidence that you have paid the debt. For example, it could be an account statement that clearly shows that the victim has already been paid by you.

If you do not pay

The court will send the judgment to us if no one appeals within three weeks.

After that, the judgment can no longer be appealed, it has become legally binding.

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We ask the person entitled to the damages if they want help to collect the debt. If the victim wants help, you will receive a claim to pay the damages. The letter describes how to pay.

We investigate whether you are able to pay

If you don't pay the damages, we'll investigate if you have any assets. We can attach your possessions and sell them to pay your debt. You can also pay the damages via your salary (attachment of earnings).

There is more information on attachment on the website.

Attach salary or property

If the victim is forced to enlist us for help, you will have to pay a basic fee, which by law is added to the debt when it is registered with us.

Fees and costs

This may also result in you receiving a record of non-payment with credit reporting agencies. Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection:

Payment default records

You have nothing we can attach

If you cannot pay, the victim can turn to the Swedish Crime Victim Authority to get criminal injury compensation. They also have the possibility to receive compensation from their insurance company. Then you will instead owe them money. Meaning, you will not get out of paying the damages. Swedish Crime Victim Authority:

If you have been a victim of crime

More on damages

Several people are liable to pay the damages

Are there several of you who must pay the damages together? If so, the victim has the right to turn to any one of you to get their money. That is because you have a joint (joint and several) payment liability.

If you are forced to pay all or a greater part of the damages compared to the others, you can direct claims against them for their parts. If so, please contact us for more information.

Parent of a child who must pay

If you have custody of a child who is under 18, you may be liable to pay damages that your child has been sentenced to pay. There is a maximum amount for your payment liability: a fifth of the price base amount in effect in the year of the injury.

Read more about price base amounts on Statistics Sweden’s website.

Price Base Amount

For you who are under 18 or a parent

Have you or your child been sentenced to pay damages? You can read more about children and debts on our website.

Children can incur debts

If the judgment is amended on appeal

Has the court decided that you shall pay less or nothing at all following an appeal? Then we will return your assets or the amount we have sold the assets for if the value is greater than what you must pay now.

If you have paid directly to the victim, and they do not repay voluntarily, you can request that we help you recover the money.

Contact us for more information.

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