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Debt abroad that we can collect

If you have a debt to a foreign public authority, individual, or company, we can attach it based on international agreements.

Same rules as for Swedish debt

If the foreign public authority, person, or company wants to get paid, they can apply for our help in collecting the debt (enforcement). Then you'll get a letter from us about the debt. The rules are the same as for Swedish debts.

Attach salary or property

Incorrect debt or if you want to appeal

Do you consider the debt to be incorrect or do you want to appeal it? If so, you contact the foreign instance that issued the judgment or decision.

Debt restructuring and foreign debt

If you have debt restructuring and foreign debts, they are subject to Swedish debt restructuring on the same terms as other debts.

We will assess whether your debt restructuring can begin

If the claim is not determined

If you have received a letter regarding a foreign claim (order), you will find more information on our website.