My Income and Expenses

It is important that you provide accurate details about your income and expenses. Then we can make the correct calculation of what we can attach and what you get to keep.

When we are investigating your assets, it is important that you have accounted for your income and expenses. The easiest way to do so is via

  • the e-service My Income and Expenses
  • the form Statement of income and expenses
  • email.

Please note

The e-service and the form are in Swedish.


Fill in all details very carefully. Otherwise, we can calculate your income and expenses based on a predetermined amount (flat rate).

Please note

If the flat rate does not match your situation, it could mean that you will be allowed to keep a lower amount than you are entitled to in your attachment of earnings.

Calculate what you get to keep

You can calculate what you get to keep, your reserve amount. The amount is for you to support yourself and your family during an attachment of earnings. The reserve amount includes your housing cost and a normal amount meant to cover your ordinary living expenses.

Calculate your reserve amount

Information on My pages

If you have a decision about an attachment of earnings, you will find information about it on My pages.

My pages (in Swedish)

Apply via our e-service or form (both in Swedish). You must fill in details on

  • yourself and your contact details
  • family relationships
  • income, other remunerations or benefits, and your employer’s contact details
  • your partner's income
  • your accommodation
  • your and your partner's other costs.

Submit your application.

If your finances change for the worse or for the better, we can adjust the decision.

If we change your attachment, the decision will not apply until the next time your salary or compensation is due for disbursement. Not retroactively.

If you do not provide information

If you choose not to provide information or forget to include expenses, it may result in us attaching an excessive amount. That means you get to keep too little money.