Decision that you or the company shall be evicted

We may decide that you or your company shall be evicted. The reason may be that you have not paid the rent or fee to the tenant-owners' association. The decision (verdict) means that the applicant can get our help with the eviction.

Your landlord or the tenant-owners' association has applied for our assistance in evicting you or your company. We call it enforcing the decision. The decision may be a verdict, a judgment, or a decision of the Regional Rent Tribunal.

Try to sort out the situation

Always quickly make contact with your landlord or tenant-owners' association or their representative (often a debt collection company).

Try to sort out the situation, for example by examining whether it is possible to postpone the eviction (deferment). You can apply to us to postpone the eviction. In some cases, we may decide that you get more time (respite) even if the landlord or tenant-owners' association does not agree to it.

Any questions?

If you have questions, please contact us, your landlord or tenant-owners' association.

If you need advice, you can also contact the Social Services Department and the budget and debt adviser in your municipality. You can find contact details for budget and debt advisers on the Hello Consumer website:

Get help with budget and debt issues

How an eviction works

You get a letter stating what day and time you will be evicted. We send the same information to the landlord and the Social Services Department when it comes to private individuals.

Best to move yourself

The best thing is for you to move yourself, before the eviction is to take place. Then you avoid moving costs. If you move yourself, you must empty the flat, condominium, or premises of things and trash, and return the keys.

Notify the landlord or the tenant-owners' association

Contact the landlord or tenant-owners' association and notify them that you have moved. Also notify us.

Register your move with the Swedish Tax Agency

Register your move with the Swedish Tax Agency so you have the correct registered address. If you have children moving with you, you must also report that they are moving.

File your application before you move or no later than one week after you have moved. Use the Swedish Tax Agency's e-service.

Reporting a change of address

If you don’t move voluntarily

We'll implement the eviction if you don't move voluntarily. If we do not find proper storage for your property following an eviction from premises, we may sell or throw out your property.


Make sure that

  • you bring private items that you need in the near term, such as medicines and clothing
  • any pets are cared for, otherwise you risk them being put down
  • you as an entrepreneur bring your computer and other things when you leave the premises.

The day of the eviction

On the day of the eviction, we will come to your flat, condominium, or premises. The landlord or a representative of the tenant-owners' association also comes there. If you are home, you need to leave the residence immediately.

We change the locks on your residence, premises, or storage unit. On the same day, or a few days later, a moving company empties the residence or premises. Food and rubbish are thrown out.

This happens after the eviction

Your property is stored for a maximum of three months. In some cases, the landlord or the tenant-owners' association takes care of the things.

Your things are thrown out or sold unless you collect them within three months.

Pay the eviction costs

You must pay the moving costs. You may also have to pay for move-out cleaning and storage. If your landlord or tenant-owners' association has incurred other fees and costs, you may have to pay them, too. You can find more information on the website.

Fees and costs

Please note

You may get a record of non-payment if you are evicted. Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection:

Payment default records

If you have any questions

Contact us if you have questions about where the things are stored and when you need to collect them. If you have more questions, please contact the person storing the property.