You have a payment claim against someone in another EU country

We can help you if you think someone owes you money and they live in another EU country. You can apply for a European Order for Payment to have your claim determined.

A person or company in Sweden can apply for a European Order for Payment against someone in another EU country in order to have their claim determined. Conversely, a person or company in another EU country may file an application against someone living in Sweden. Denmark is the exception — it is not possible to apply for or determine a European Order for Payment there.

The difference between the orders

The application is processed similarly to the usual Swedish order to pay. The following is specific to the European Order for Payment:

  • You must apply in writing using a specific form that is common throughout the EU.
  • The decision becomes valid throughout the EU once we or a foreign court have determined the claim. The decision can be implemented (enforced) in all EU countries, except in Denmark.
  • Neither you who apply nor the person who owes you money need to attend the court proceedings.
  • Competent EU courts issue European orders for payment. In Sweden, the Enforcement Authority has the role of competent court. This means that we process these matters.

You pay a fee

You pay a fee if you apply for our help with an order to pay against someone in another EU country (European Order for Payment). Read more about our fees and costs:

Fees and costs

You apply for a European Order for Payment

  • in the court in the EU country where the person who owes you money lives
  • using Form A — Application for a European Order for Payment.

Find competent courts in the EU:

You or your representative can file the application. Please note that you often must pay the application fee to the court at the same time as you submit your application.

Contact the court for more information on how to apply and the application fee.

Please note – Do not send the application to us

You must not send your application to us — we cannot forward applications to other courts.

You apply

Your application must be written in Swedish or English.

Do not pay the application fee in advance, but wait until you have received a letter from us detailing how to pay. Please note that we will register your case, but we will not start processing until you have paid.

In case of late or non-payment, we dismiss your application.

Additional cost

You may also have to pay an additional cost if you send your application to us and the one you have a claim against lives in another EU country. The reason is that we may need to enlist the help of a foreign court for the person you have a claim against to receive the claim (service of process). Some countries charge a fee of more than EUR 100 for this.

You can read more about fees and costs on the website.

Fees and costs

Processing and response times

We usually send European Orders for Payment within 30 days after you have paid the application fee. We normally reply to emails within seven days.

There are exceptions

There are several exceptions to the main rule on where you send your application. In some cases, you can submit an application to us if you live in Sweden and have a claim against someone in another EU country.

One example is if you can be considered a consumer in relation to the other party. This may be the case if you have purchased goods for private use from a foreign company that directs its activities to Sweden, among others.

You can then submit your application to us, as we have the role of competent court in Sweden. This applies regardless of which EU country the one you are directing your claim against is in.