The e-service Reporting is directed at you as representative of employers, unemployment insurance funds, and pension providers. In the e-service, you report discrepancies and who you have paid money for, according to an attachment of earnings decision.

What information to provide depends on whether you represent an employer, unemployment insurance fund, or pension provider.

You can access the e-service (in Swedish) by logging in using your e-identification.

Report and pay once a month

Once a month, you representing an employer, unemployment insurance fund, or pension provider must file a report in the e-service. You who are an employer will receive a reference number that you use when making the monthly deposit.

What to do

In the e-service, you notify us

  • on whose behalf you are making the deposit
  • how much of the amount shall be recorded per person (if you have paid a lump sum for several people)
  • why you might not be able to make a deduction under the decision, for example because a person is entitled to a reserve amount (read more below).

You representing an employer must now use the reference number you received when reporting.

All representatives must now pay

  • the amount stated in the attachment decision
  • a lump sum — if you pay an amount on behalf of several people who are subject to attachment.

Reserve amount in the decision

A decision on attachment of earnings includes a reserve amount — an amount that the indebted person is always entitled to keep for food, clothing, and accommodation, for example. The reserve amount takes priority over the attachment amount. It is therefore important that you notify us in the e-service if it is not possible to deduct the attachment amount. Please write why you cannot make the deduction.

More for employers

You will find more help and instructions after you have logged in. The service supports file uploads of employee deductions in the CSV format, meaning items delimited by semicolons.

You can use an Excel macro template to create the CSV file.

Template E-report for employers (in Swedish) Excel, 100 kB.

More help

If the service still doesn’t work, you can get help with your attachment of earnings report. Email your report to us. Be sure to enter the company’s

  1. name
  2. company registration number
  3. telephone number.

Make a list of employees with attachment of earnings. Email us: