How to log in to our e-services

You need an e-ID to log in to My Pages and our e-services.

An e-ID can be compared to a standard ID document, such as an ID card or driving licence. With an e-ID, BankID or Freja e-id+, you can securely identify yourself on the internet.

Read more about BankID and Freja e-id+, and how you can get an e-ID:

How to log in

When you click on the link to My Pages or to an e-service, you will first come to a login page. There you must fill in your personal identity number and start your BankID or Freja e-id+. After that, fill in your security code. You will now get to My Pages or to the service you have chosen.

For you who represent a company

If you represent a company, you must log in to My pages with your own electronic identification when you identify yourself. We then use information from the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) to find out if you have the right to represent the company.

My Pages (in Swedish)

Log in with QR code

You log in using a QR code when your BankID is on a device (such as your mobile) and you use another device (such as your computer) to access the e-service or My Pages.

The QR code gives you added security. The QR code is dynamic and changes slightly all the time. The solution is slightly safer than a static QR code.

What to do:

  • Click the link to log in to My Pages or an e-service. You will then come to the login page.
  • Select the button BankID on another device.
  • Open your BankID app.
  • Click on the QR icon.
  • Direct your mobile camera to the login page at and scan the QR code shown.
  • Enter your security code and click Identify.
  • Done.

Having problems

If you run into problems, you will get advice on what you can do here:

Problems with login or e-services