Bankruptcy Supervision

Would you as a receiver or a reconstructor like to communicate with us in writing? Please do so in our e-service Bankruptcy Supervision.

The e-service Bankruptcy Supervision is for

  • receivers
  • others working with bankruptcies
  • reconstructors
  • others working with reconstructions.

Log in using BankID

Log in using BankID if you are submitting documents. This also applies when the document has been drawn up by someone else.

You can access the e-service (in Swedish) by logging in using your BankID.

Bankruptcy Supervision

What to do

It is important that you choose the right type of document when submitting a document. In some cases, you get an explanation when you select document type in the drop-down list.

Remember to fill in

  1. personal ID or company registration number of the person who is going to pay (debtor)
  2. what type of document it is.

Send different documents separately

If the document contains several different documents, it is best that you send them separately.

One example is if the same document contains the final account and statement pursuant to Chapter 7, Section 17 of Bankruptcy Act.

Documents with different parts

If the document contains several parts, such as administrator's report and annual report, you can upload multiple files.

Select one of them as the main document and upload the others as appendices. You can also choose to upload everything as one main document.

Limit of attached files

You can attach files with a maximum size of 30 MB in the service. If the file is larger, you will receive an error message. If you want to send large files with, for example, images — compress the images or send the images separately.

Wage guarantee decisions can be sent in a common file if the decisions concern the same bankruptcy or reconstruction debtor, and if the decisions have been made on the same day.

One receipt per login

When you have submitted documents, you can choose to print a dated receipt for the submitted documents — you will get one receipt per login.