If you have protected personal data

It is important that you tell us if you or someone in your family has protected personal data. The reason is that documents and data found with us are most often public.

Where may there be sensitive data?

There may be sensitive data about you, for example in

  • our databases
  • documents that you send us
  • judgments or decisions of courts and other public authorities.

What does this mean for you and your family?

If you or anyone in your family have protected personal data, you should always tell us about this before providing information to us. Then we will tell you what information you need to provide in, for example, an application.

Our e-services

You can use our e-services even if you have protected personal data.

Please note that there may be sensitive data in other documents you send us.

Any questions?

If you have questions relating to personal data, please email us. If you have any other questions, please call or email us. You find contact information in the footer.

More information

The Swedish Tax Agency:

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