If you are not granted debt restructuring

If you do not meet the conditions of debt restructuring, we will reject your application. You get an explanation as to why you are denied.

A rejection can occur both before and after we initiated a debt restructuring. The following may happen if we deny you after you have initiated your debt restructuring:

  1. If you did not have any debts subject to attachment with us at the time of initiation, you will get back the money you have deposited.
  2. If you had attachment for debts when the debt restructuring was initiated, we will distribute the money to the creditors in your attachment.
  3. If you did not have attachment for debts at the time of initiation, but new or old debts have been submitted to us, we attach the money for these. If there's money left after our attachment, we will distribute them to you.

Contact us if you have questions

If there is anything in the decision that you do not understand or that you have questions about, please contact us.

You can appeal

You can appeal our decision. In that case, a court will review your case.

You can reapply

Even if your application is rejected, you can reapply for debt restructuring. The justification for why you are not granted debt restructuring can offer you guidance on when it is appropriate.

Find out more and seek help

Dare to talk about your financial problems, find out more, and seek help. You can get free help with your finances by the budget and debt adviser in your municipality. You can find more information and contact details on the Hello Consumer website:

Get help with budget and debt issues

You can do a lot yourself

Make a budget of your income and expenses. See if there are costs that you can give up. You can use the Swedish Consumer Agency’s budget calculation:

The Budget Calculation (in Swedish)

Good to consider

  • First pay the most important bills, such as your accommodation, electricity charges, comprehensive household insurance.
  • Unemployment insurance fund fees, and the like.
  • Make a list of all your debts and pay what you can.

Be active

Contact those to whom you are indebted. Ask if they can create an instalment plan or renegotiate the terms and conditions, such as interest-free months.

Investigate whether you can pay off the principal first and then interest and fees.

If you have something to sell to raise money and pay off the debts — do so.