How to pay in a debt restructuring

When you pay us, please fill in the bank giro and OCR number. You will find the details in the decision you have received from us. It is important that you pay according to your payment plan and on time each month.

Your payment details can be found in the letter with the decision to initiate debt restructuring, in an amending decision, or in your debt restructuring decision. Please contact us if you do not know which decision to retrieve the payment details from.

You can pay via Swedish bank or foreign

Please note that you cannot pay at our reception desks.

Pay via Swedish bank

If you pay through a Swedish bank, you must

  1. pay to bank giro 5143-3290
  2. fill in the OCR number stated in your decision. The number is unique to you and is used throughout your debt restructuring.

If you do not have your details, please contact us.

Pay via foreign bank

Fill in the following details if you are paying through a foreign bank:

  1. IBAN number: SE59 1200 0000 0128 1011 8922 (without spaces)
  3. Bank address: Danske Bank, Norrmalmstorg 1, Stockholm
  4. Reference (OCR number) You must use the OCR number in your decision.

The number is unique to you and is used throughout your debt restructuring. If you no longer have it — contact us.

How it works

In a debt restructuring, you pay us monthly, except for in June and December, which are payment-free. How much you must pay depends on your ability to pay. We must have your payment no later than by the last weekday of the month. We pay the creditors once a year. In connection thereto, we charge a fee of 500 SEK. We deduct the fee from the amount you have paid, before we distribute the rest to the creditors.

Those who choose debt restructuring for entrepreneurs must always pay and there are no payment-free months.

You cannot choose to pay off the debts included in your payment plan early. You must follow the payment plan every month.

You do not pay on time

You'll get a reminder from us if you don't pay the way you're supposed to. Four times a year, we send notices to creditors regarding non-payment if you still haven't paid.

Creditors can apply for a review of debt restructuring

You have overpaid

If you have overpaid, we will refund you as soon as we discover it.

If we have not had time to refund you the money, you can email us and request that we do so or that we credit the money to your next payment instead.

Ensure your contact details are up to date, as we may need more information from you.

If you cannot pay

You must act in different ways if you cannot pay:

  • If we are processing your case, meaning you have received a decision on initiation but not a decision on debt restructuring, please contact your case officer.
  • If you have a decision on debt restructuring, you can apply for a review of your debt restructuring.

Application for review of debt restructuring

Please note

Remember that your decision on debt restructuring is valid until we make a different decision.