Apply for debt restructuring

Debt restructuring is for you who have debts you are unable to pay on your own for the foreseeable future. You can apply through our e-service or by form.

Test if you are eligible for debt restructuring

Using the Enforcement Authority's debt restructuring test, you get a preliminary estimate of whether you are eligible for debt restructuring or not.

The Enforcement Authority’s debt restructuring test

Your participation is important

It doesn't cost anything to apply for debt restructuring and you don't need a representative. It's important that you participate and answer our questions. Some questions can be difficult to answer. We ask the questions to see whether you meet the eligibility requirements for debt restructuring.

Free advice and support

If you need advice and help, you can contact a budget and debt adviser in your municipality. They are tasked with helping before, during, and after a debt restructuring, or with general budget advice. The service is free of charge and they have a duty of confidentiality.

Budget and debt issues

You can find more information and contact details on the Hello Consumer website:

Get help with budget and debt issues

Two types of debt restructuring

There are two types of debt restructuring:

  • debt restructuring
  • debt restructuring for entrepreneurs.

Debt restructuring

  • You pay for five years, but we may decide on a shorter period of time in some cases, such as if you are older or if there are children in the family.
  • June and December are payment-free.
  • If you are living on the poverty line, you can get debt restructuring without paying.

Debt restructuring for entrepreneurs

  • You pay for three years.
  • You cannot get a shorter payment plan or payment-free months.
  • You must be able to pay at least one-seventh of the price base amount per quarter during your debt restructuring.
  • You can choose to pay monthly, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Please note

The e-service and the form is in Swedish.

Requirements you must meet

You must meet certain conditions to be granted debt restructuring:

  • You are so indebted that you cannot in any way pay your debts for many years.
  • The debt restructuring is reasonable considering your personal and financial circumstances.
  • You live, work, or have your debts in Sweden.
  • For you who engage in economic activity, the company’s finances must be easy to investigate.
  • You must not have a trading prohibition when you apply.

Application debt restructuring

Entrepreneurs and close relatives of entrepreneurs can choose

You who are — or have been — involved in a business can apply for debt restructuring or debt restructuring for entrepreneurs. You choose which one suits you best. The same applies to close relatives of entrepreneurs.

If you choose debt restructuring for entrepreneurs, you apply via the form, which you can find on the following page:

Debt restructuring for entrepreneurs, debtor

  1. You apply for debt restructuring through our e-service or by completing a form. The e-service and form are in Swedish.
  2. We investigate whether you meet the eligibility requirements for debt restructuring.
  3. If you meet the requirements, we make a decision to initiate debt restructuring and how much you will pay each month. It's one decision on the way to debt restructuring. Those you owe money (your creditors) get letters from us. The purpose is for them to notify their claims.
  4. You start paying now.
  5. A decision to initiate debt restructuring means you receive a record of non-payment.
    Record of non-payment
    Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection:
    Payment default records
  6. We announce the decision to initiate debt restructuring in the Swedish Official Gazette (Sw. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) on the Swedish Companies Registration Office's website.
  7. We continue to investigate your finances. You will receive a debt restructuring proposal from us just over six weeks after the decision to initiate debt restructuring.
  8. Next, we will send a proposal to your creditors. The proposal normally includes any debts you have at the time of commencement, how much the creditors receive and at what times. Your creditors have the opportunity to respond to the proposal.
  9. Then you and your creditors are given a final decision by us that sets out how your debt restructuring will proceed.
  10. You pay your debts according to a payment plan. If you are living on the poverty line, you can get a decision without a payment plan — if so, you will not be paying anything towards your debts. One exception is if you are granted debt restructuring for entrepreneurs, then you must always pay something.
  11. When the debt restructuring is done, you will no longer have the debts included in your debt restructuring.

You apply by logging in using your BankID or Freja e-id+ in the e-service Application for debt restructuring. You can also apply using the form Application for debt restructuring. The e-service and form are in Swedish.

If you apply using a form, you will find information on where to send it on our website.

Debt restructuring matters

Useful tips

When you apply, you must notify us of any debts you know about. You must also estimate the size of them:

  • Find your latest tax return. Some of your debts are listed there.
  • Go through any collection letters you have saved in recent years.
  • Include foreign debts and debts to relatives, friends, and acquaintances. They are also part of a potential debt restructuring and must be included in your application.
  • Don't forget to include tax debts and student debt.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation that we have received it. You can see on the website how long it takes to get a response:

Waiting times (in Swedish)

If you want to supplement your application, you can email us. Use our email form:

Email us (in Swedish)

Do not incur new debts

In the meantime, it is important that you do not incur new debts. Also keep in mind that you must pay your usual costs, such as

  • rent
  • electricity bill
  • mobile and/or phone bill
  • child maintenance, if any.

Please note about credits

If you have current accounts, such as an overdraft facility, your bank may terminate the credit upon a decision to initiate debt restructuring.

If you receive a decision to initiate debt restructuring, any attachment of your income will cease.

Read our brochure

In our brochure you will find information about what debt restructuring is and how it works. The brochure is also available in Swedish and Arabic.

Broschyrer (in Swedish)

Debt restructuring

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