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Five tips if the economy changes

Are you worried about your finances? Remember that you are not alone. There are several things you can do yourself, but you can also get help and support from the community.

Here are five tips to help you get through a tough financial situation.

Five tips

1. Be active

Contact the person you owe. Perhaps you can agree to split up the payment or find another solution.

Contact the person you owe

2. Open the mail

Have you received a letter demanding payment or for you to do something? Open, read, and return the acknowledgement of receipt. This does not mean that you have accepted the claim, only that you have received the letter. If you have a digital mailbox, you will receive our letters there. Don't forget to check it. You can easily reply that you have received the claim digitally via My Pages. You can also contact us.

3. Plan

Make a simple budget. Knowing your financial situation allows you to plan better for the future. Maybe there are cheaper options for your fixed costs or subscriptions, and subscriptions you can do without.

4. Get help from others

Many are reluctant to talk about their financial problems, but it is important to dare to talk about money. Get help from people around you – friends, family, or acquaintances. There are also many operators in the community who can provide you with support.

Community support for you who need help with finances

5. Contact us

On My Pages, you can see which cases you have with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for information and guidance. You can be anonymous if you like. We are impartial. Our job is to support both you who must pay and the person who wants to get paid.

More help is available

Municipal budget and debt advisers can give you advice and concrete suggestions on how to plan your finances and manage your debts. The service is free of charge and advisers have a duty of confidentiality. You can find contact details for budget and debt advisers in your municipality on the Hello Consumer website:

Kommunal budget- och skuldrådgivning (in Swedish)