If you have debts

If you have a debt you are unable to pay, and the person or entity you owe money (the creditor) wants our help, we will contact you. You will receive a letter from us.

The most common letters we send out are about payment injunctions and debts to pay.

The most common letters

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Acknowledgement of service

Acknowledgement of service


Debt collection demand

We don’t send debt collection demands

Skuld att betala

Debt to pay

Debt to pay

Föreläggande om handräckning/avhysning

Injunction for ordinary assistance/eviction

Letter about ordinary assistance/eviction

Underrättelse om genomförd tillgångsundersökning och rapport

Notice of investigation/report

Investigation report

Underrättelse om avhysning

Notification of eviction

Notification of eviction

Underrättelse om obetald skuld

Notification of unpaid debt

Notification of unpaid debt

Föreläggande om betalning

Injunction for order to pay

Demand for payment of a debt