Our mission

We have a clear mission: we help the person who has not been paid and provide support and advice to the person who has to pay. We also ensure that payments are made in a legally certain way. Every year the government determines how we should fulfil our mission and what we should prioritise.

Instructions from the government

The government’s instructions are specified in the Ordinance with Instructions for the Enforcement Authority. Our annual spending authorisation states how we should fulfil our mission and what we should prioritise over the coming year.

Our mission

The government’s instructions are that we shall:

  1. contribute to guaranteeing the financing of the public sector
  2. contribute to a well-functioning society for citizens and businesses
  3. counteract criminality.

We share our mission with the Tax Agency and with Swedish Customs.

How do we carry out our mission?

We carry out our mission by seeing to it that a person or entity that is entitled to being paid gets paid. Government agencies, municipalities, companies and private individuals all apply for our help in getting paid.

We also provide support to persons or entities that have to pay their debts, ensuring that payments are made in a legally certain way. This includes working preventively, offering debt restructuring, and providing assistance in disputes that don’t involve payments, e g in connection with evictions.

We never take a position for or against any of the parties involved.

What else do we do?

We do many other things. Here are some examples of our other tasks:

  • A person who is heavily indebted can apply for debt restructuring with us.We provide support so that the indebted person can get back to a life without debt.
  • We collaborate with various government agencies, companies and organisations in order to reduce the number of over-indebted people, i e those with more or less permanent problems paying their debts.
  • We audit receivers’ management of bankruptcies.
  • We work to increase knowledge about personal finances among young people and adults.
  • We are involved when a tenant who has not paid their rent is going to be evicted.
  • We are an authority with considerable expertise in the effects of indebtedness, for society as well as for the individual person. We support and finance both our own and external research in order to increase our knowledge.

Sammanfattning på svenska

Värdegrunden styr vårt arbete

Vårt arbete styrs av den gemensamma värdegrund som gäller för alla som arbetar i staten och av vår egen värdegrund.

Statsförvaltningens värdegrund

Alla som arbetar i staten delar en värdegrund som utgår från

  • demokrati,
  • rättssäkerhet,
  • objektivitet,
  • fri åsiktsbildning,
  • respekt för alla människors rättigheter samt
  • effektivitet och service.

Vår värdegrund

Vår egen värdegrund innehåller vår vision, vår verksamhetsidé och våra värdeord.

  • Vår vision är att alla betalar och ingen blir överskuldsatt.
  • Vår verksamhetsidé är att arbeta för att de som har rätt att få betalt får det. Men vi ger även stöd till dem som ska betala sina skulder och ser till att det sker på ett rättssäkert sätt.
  • Våra värdeord är: pålitlig, hjälpsam och offensiv.